Tottenham – Juventus

Tottenham Hotspur hosts Juventus in a second leg from the Champions League 1/8-finals. The game is going to be played at the great Wembley Stadium on Wednesday night.

Tottenham are in a good position after the first leg in Turin, which ended with a 2-2 draw. Two goals by Gonzalo Higuain gave Juventus an early lead, but the Italian team was unable to keep it. Goals from Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen allowed Spurs to equalize and to gain some advantage before the rematch.

Now the English team has a strategical advance before the second leg. Tottenham knows that even a 0-0 or a 1-1 draw would send them to the 1/4-finals. Of course, it’d be very dangerous to play for a draw, so we don’t expect to see Tottenham doing it. They have a very clever and smart manager, who understands that Spurs have to look for goals against Juve.

For Juventus it’s the same thing – they don’t have any other choice, but to look for goals. But they have to do it smart and in a clever tactical way, because they have a very dangerous team against them. If Juve rush into attack and leave a lot of empty spaces on the pitch, they will suffer.

For Juve’s manager Massimiliano Allegri this game will be a huge test. The truth is that Juve made a huge mistake with blowing away their perfect lead in the first game. Now they know that they will be out of the competition if they make the same mistakes. At Wembley Juventus needs goals, but the team also have to defend better.

The second leg between Tottenham and Juventus shall be a great football spectacle. And the best part is that this match is absolutely unpredictable.