Paderborn – Hoffenheim

Being placed at the bottom of the Bundesliga standings, Paderborn do not have much of a chance to survive if they don’t change their performance. On Saturday Steffen Baumgart’s team will host Hoffenheim and their goal will be just one – to win the three points. That’s a match from the 27th round of the league and here is our preview.

Just one point won from their last five games in the Bundesliga and Paderborn are 18th in the standings with just 17 points. The newcomers in the league are in a “now or never” type of situation – if they don’t find improvement, they are goners. They will be in the 2. Bundesliga next season.

Last week Paderborn managed to avoid the loss, though. They paid a visit to Fortuna Dusseldord, a direct rival for survival, and went a home with a point after a 0-0 draw. But here’s the thing – Paderborn must start winning in order to survive. They have won just four of their matches in the league so far.

Hoffenheim will try to fix what happened last week when they hosted Hertha BSC and got crushed with 0-3 at home. This was a terrible performance by Alfred Schreuder’s team. Surely the manager will try to change something and put a different team on the pitch on Saturday.

Some of Hoffe’s players who were left on the bench against Hertha could feature on Saturday in the starting eleven. Players like Jacob Bruun Larsen, Maximillian Beier and Dennis Geiger await their chance to shine.

Hoffenheim are the favourites against Paderborn on Saturday, despite of their poor performance a week ago. The home team is in a pretty bad situation and the moment and they can’t use the support of the fans as there won’t be any fans on the stands. Let’s see what’s going to happen.